Back in March when we went into lockdown, it’s fair to say we were bricking it. Running a restaurant is a numbers game – we have set overheads for everything from rent to council tax to insurance and staff costs come on top of that.

So we decided to launch the “Home Heroes Wall” and over 200 of our incredible guests bought a brick, on to which we hand painted their name, and it made all the difference. We genuinely wouldn’t be where we are today without their support.

Now Lockdown 2 is here, we are in the shit (technical term) again. Money going out the door without us having the chance to cover costs. In short, we need to recruit more heroes. So, for those who missed out on the Heroes Wall the first time round, you can buy your brick (which includes two tickets to the heroes party) here.

For those who have already bought a brick, this video is a MASSIVE thanks to you / buy another brick in a different colour. Joking, not joking.

Craig, Freddie, Fredi, Odaine & All The Home Team.

& Party like it’s 2021

And for everyone who has bought or will buy a brick we’re going to throw them most epic party . Every brick holder plus those who bought our superhero vouchers will be invited. Fredi will make a special cocktail in all your honour, Freddie will be doing some fiendish bar snacks, there’ll be music too, but Craig won’t sing.

As soon as the government gives us the green light for this Heroes party we are ALL OVER IT – It’s going to be one hell of a bash. Thanks for your patience guys and sticking with us. x

Click image below to buy

We can’t thank you enough

We hate having to ask but we really could do with the help. We’ve spent so long making Home the hopefully brilliant restaurant that it is and we want to be around when Covid is a nasty distant memory. If you buy a brick you can make a huge difference.