about home

We want home to feel like a home from home. Open morning ‘til night, seven days a week serving comforting, yet innovative, modern British food a cut above “home cooking” (but probably not as good as your mum’s, of course…).

the team

There are special occasion restaurants, then there are restaurants which try and make every occasion special.

But to try and achieve the latter, you need people who care. You can teach someone how to set a table perfectly but you can’t teach someone to care about doing it. We care about doing it.

There is no “handbook” for hospitality but we believe that if we surround ourselves with people who genuinely look after one another then the rest pretty much looks after itself. We aren’t perfect and we can’t promise to always get things right but we can promise to give you the raw, honest version of ourselves every time you come.


We know it’s a bit show-offy to boast about our awards but hopefully they go to show that there is something special about Home. We were a runner up for The Observer Food Monthly Best Restaurant in UK Award 2022, and The Good Food Guide rated us London’s Best Local Restaurant in 2019. It’s amazing what you can blag your way in to… 😉

our bricks

If you’re visiting Home for the first time you might wonder about our painted bricks. The story behind them is a testament to how brilliant our guests are. When Covid struck and we were in danger of going under, our regulars got together to make a real difference. Over 200 people put their hands in their pockets to buy a brick in our wall and we are beyond grateful for what they did.